1. Choral Transmissions (2019-2022)
    Jacob Remin

  2. Mosaik

  3. Hazarding
    Polwor & Lars From Mars

  4. Double Lives
    Lars From Mars & Anders Holst

  5. Swimming In Empty Pool
    Christian Rønn

  6. Public Vibraphone
    Jørgen Teller

  7. Plasma in DEX Garden
    Jonas Kasper Jensen

  8. We Q

  9. Anima
    Kamila Govorçin

  10. The Sun Will Find You
    Bell Monks

  11. City Size Tone, Pt. 2
    Jørgen Teller

  12. There Is A Home
    Cæcilie Overgaard

  13. Oh Happy Man
    Lars From Mars

  14. Fragments
    Satoshi Takeishi

  15. Crush
    Keisuke Matsuno, Moritz Baumgärtner and Lars Graugaard

  16. Within The Temporal Experience
    Jonas Kasper Jensen

  17. Bird Saw Buchla

  18. The Diary Of A Raven
    Silvio Paredes

  19. Onomatopeia
    Anders Holst and Yann Coppier

  20. Human Resources

  21. Endless Undo
    Volker Böhm

  22. Crumble
    Keisuke Matsuno, Moritz Baumgärtner and Lars Graugaard

  23. Pulsing Dot
    Dafna Naphtali and Gordon Beeferman

  24. Fin De Existencias

  25. Layers Of Bridges
    Jonas Kasper Jensen

  26. Premonition
    Satoshi Takeishi

  27. Anish Music V
    Band Ane

  28. Five Beats For XYZ

  29. Seize The Means
    Radio Wonderland

  30. What Actually Happened
    Lars Graugaard and Moritz Baumgärtner

  31. Brocades + Palimpsests
    Bell Monks + Gregory Taylor

  32. Poptronics Remixes
    Silvio Paredes

  33. Persect
    Lars From Mars

  34. Deus Ex Machina
    Hans Tammen

  35. Latinoamerican Mall

  36. Dew Drops
    Satoshi Takeishi

  37. Tales (music can be anything)

  38. Invisible
    Lars Graugaard & Keisuke Matsuno

  39. A Trip To The Space (Between)
    Frank Benkho

  40. Techne

  41. Rife
    Infernal Machines

  42. Poptronics
    Silvio Paredes

  43. Standing Breakage (for Stan Brakhage)
    Miguel Frasconi

  44. Music For Choking Disklavier
    Hans Tammen

  45. Live Free Or Die
    99 Blows

  46. Simulaciones Revisited

  47. La Tremenda
    AFRik & The Smiling Orchestra

  48. Sort Diamant

  49. Sharawaji

  50. 4040

  51. Simulaciones

  52. I/O
    99 Blows

  53. Hydra
    Rasmus Fisker

  54. Americanino
    Lars from Mars

  55. Anders Holst / Mads Emil Nielsen
    Anders Holst / Mads Emil Nielsen

  56. Anish Music Caravan
    Band Ane

  57. The Revelation According to Frank Benkho
    Frank Benkho

  58. Ngelo
    Mikkel Ploug & Lars Graugaard

  59. clang BEAT compilation

  60. clang WAVE compilation

  61. Unknown Force

  62. Tacto e Indiscreción

  63. Shine Greatly
    Gregory Taylor

  64. Live in Europe 2008
    Die Schrauber

  65. Pulse Landscapes
    Michelle Lewis King

  66. OO.O
    Marcus Wrangö

  67. Adjetivos

  68. The Yurodny Files
    Lars Graugaard

  69. Apollo

  70. The Terraced Horizon
    Gregory Taylor

  71. Fact Machine
    Lars Graugaard & Jean-Michel Pilc

  72. nvmbr
    Lars Graugaard & Keisuke Matsuno

  73. Infernal Machines
    Lars Graugaard & Hans Tammen

  74. Downstream
    Lars Graugaard

  75. We Should Have Turned Left Earlier
    Lars Graugaard


clang Denmark

The Denmark-based clang label and booking agency was initiated January 2013. Its most important purpose is take adventurous music to a wider community.

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