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Denmark’s Lars Graugaard is a prolific and chameleon-like pioneer whose background lies in a very contemporary mix of musical styles that include classical, contemporary, improvised and urban. The Lars from Mars moniker lets him move with ease between a variety of musical areas ranging from abstract and demanding sonic statements to effortless, street-smart rhythm designs. And holding a MA in music performance and a PhD in interactive music allows him to explore a unique, novel and at times innovative take on electronic music in computer code and performance. His main interest is real-time generated music which he practices in multiple settings.

The music on Americanino has a strong grounding in rhythms, which at times is combined with quite abstract and far-fetched sound worlds. The release makes use of various generative trends and techniques generative techniques in Lars' self-programmed performance tool, with which he creates a unique and appealing experimental electronica. Inspirations range from Temperley’s research into probabilistic melody generation, various musical rule systems and temporal organization that frees speed from time which allows for non-obvious organization and transformation of the jazzy techno-inspired structures.

Lars has for several years used the computer as his instrument, and he continuously programs and develops it according to his varying musical needs. Everything coming from his laptop is generated in real-time – no musical phrases, groupings or section are pre-recorded – and this allows him to have various ways to instantly create, guide and affect musical expressions. To achieve this, he incorporates the most recent insight into human cognition and meaning-making in sound into his programming, but it is only the point-of-departure for an improvisatory and instantaneous creation of a music that is rich and intriguing yet easily appreciated by the naked ear.


released August 29, 2014

Compositions by Lars Graugaard
Produced summer 2014 in Denmark and Spain
Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Lars Graugaard

Cover artwork by Sofia Asunción Claro



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