Dew Drops

by Satoshi Takeishi



“Dew Drops is the first of my three-parts solo electronics works.
It was developed as a live percussion and electronics performance piece in Nov, 2015. The recordings from the actual performance and sound check run-­through were edited together to finalize the first three tracks of this release. I am very much fascinated by real time electronic processing of acoustic sounds. The fact that something simple and small, like a single tap on a bell can be turned into a dense and intricate texture excites me with creative inspirations. I wanted to build a structured improvisation with this idea of elemental process behind it. In preparation, I limited myself to only use one or two acoustic instruments per section to focus and challenge myself to build/shape the entire form from a single (or two) source of sound. I also set up the electronics to have elements of surprise (randomized parameters & audio routing, e.g.) so that I can react to unexpected events just like in a improvisation with another performer.
The fourth track “Quattuor Elementa” is made up from four short, prototype pieces I made prior to the live performance piece. I put them together as “four elements that shaped the final piece”.”
Satoshi Takeishi



released May 27, 2016

Artist: Satoshi Takeishi
Release name: Dew Drops
Release date: May 20, 2016
Compositions and performance: Satoshi Takeishi
Instrumentation: Broken Autoharp with contact mic, Kanjira, Slit Drum, Shells and Bells, Waterphone, Computer and iPad, Handheld Cassette recorder/player. Additional instruments (Glockenspiel, African Marimba) were used for “Quattuor Elementa”
Recording and mix: ORC in New York City, November 2015 - January 2016
Mastering: Lars Graugaard
Artwork: Satoshi Takeishi



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