by Lars Graugaard




Three duo tracks and two ensemble tracks constitute this release. The computer interaction mostly takes place as the players’ instrumental sound is captured, transformed and temporalized as spectra for their latent melodic, chordal and tonal features. This sonic exploration is most evident in the three duo tracks with bass-flute, concert flute and piccolo. Local pulsations do arise, but always briefly and in consequence of the timbrical developments. The bass-flute provides an evocative atmosphere – enhanced by occasional vocal effects, while the concert flute features the custom-built instrument’s capacity for exceptionally large glissandi.

This feature, combined with an ample range of alternate playing techniques gives a strong sense of unity to the track, as musical ideas are passed with ease between the instrument and the digital performer.The high pitches of the piccolo mesh well with the higher frequencies of the electronics, whereas the overall mix always ensures that there is good separation between the players. The ensemble works add further instrumental colors but it is above all the presence of additional musical personalities that propel the music in new directions. It is particularly notable in the build-ups and the rich metrical interplay, which always spring from the sonic surroundings’ hidden potential. Never juxtaposed as a pre-determined framework for the music, it always emerges as a natural and intuitively logical inner consequence.


released January 8, 2013

Recorded, edited and mixed April 27, May 3 and 8 2012 in the James L. Dolan Music Recording Studio, New York University Steinhardt, Department of Music & Performing Arts Professions.



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The Denmark-based clang label and booking agency was initiated January 2013. Its most important purpose is take adventurous music to a wider community.

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