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The well studied Lars Graugaard offers four compositions under his casual moniker Lars from Mars. All in an enjoyable tension between fluffy danceable rhythms and casually interspersed chance happenings, they effortlessly fuse everything together in a match all of its own in minimal techno and mathematical functions.
But it is not a work you can readily pin down. Covering a total of approximately 33 minutes the release explores the realms of dry and unsettled techno that goes way beyond and partly even ignores the requirements of a heaving crowd as it adds layer upon layer of quirky percussions and twisted, brain-melting melodies.
Constantly shifting and in eternal flux, no two bars are entirely alike as the music builds and sounds evolve and transform. Lars injects smartly crafted sounds and computational melodies in unusual ways, as twisting micro-techno grooves trawl the brain for resonating electrons. By the end you may wonder just how you arrived at the final destination – not that it matters, as this music is just as much about the journey itself.
Lars uses the computer as his instrument exclusively, which he programs according to his needs. It is not too obvious when it comes to mathematical functions and systems why many of them just seem to work, but on Persect it is of vital importance that the system is a manageable digital organism that can be shaped and guided on the spot, as if it was a musical instrument.
Everything coming from the laptop is generated in real-time – no musical phrase, grouping or section is pre-recorded – and this allows Lars to shape, form, guide, affect and instantly create musical textures and expressions. In order to achieve this, he incorporates the most recent insight into human cognition and meaning in music and sound into his programming. This then becomes the point-of-departure for a music that is rich and intriguing yet easily appreciated by the naked, yet curious ear.


released June 17, 2016

Compositions and performance: Lars Graugaard
Instrumentation: Digital
Recording and mix: January 2015 and February-March 2016
Mastering: Lars Graugaard
Artwork: Vladyslav Kamenskyy

Denmark’s Lars Graugaard is a prolific and chameleon-like pioneer whose background lies in a very contemporary mix of musical styles that include classical, contemporary, improvised and urban. This lets him move with ease between a variety of musical areas ranging from abstract and demanding sonic revelations to effortless, street-smart rhythm designs. And holding a MA in music performance and a PhD in interactive music allows him to explore a unique, novel and at times innovative take on electronic music in computer code and performance.



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