Tales (music can be anything)

by Marlim



Music can transmit a stunning range of emotions – from love, happiness and excitement to hate and boredom – and emotion is the focal point of this album.
Most of Marco Spagnuolo’s musical ideas are indebted to other artists’ work and he acknowledges this influence as we are all connected. He says: “It would be silly to claim that it’s all mine. There are 12 notes in an octave, was that my idea to use 12 notes in an octave? No, but I still use it and this is the basis of my album.”
Trivial experiences and exceptional experiences… it’s all in Marco’s music. But the power of silence is significant to the album as sound and silence are complementaries that make music dramatic and complete, just as the use of dynamics and contrasts in volume drives the narrative.
Says Marco: “Everything is a potential source of inspiration if the sound is right. Then I’m happy, no matter how I got there – I just want to make captivating music.”


Marlim is Marco Spagnuolo, musician, electronic composer and producer from Maratea, Italy. Marco started playing music by chance at an early age and the possibility to express himself, his mood and humour quickly became his main motivation, qualities that still is found in his music.
Marco's first instruments was the piano and the trumpet, but while studying classical music and performing in symphony orchestras he soon began to explore music by composing. This gradually drew him towards electronic music and its vast range of electronic instruments, and he started to perform as DJ on a regular basis. The exposure to novel instruments and modern technology inevitably changed the way he expressed himself musically and today, Marco is an accomplished composer and producer who writes genre-crossing music that pleases the mind by its focus on inspiration and sensibility.
Marco’s music is contemplative and emotive, with most of his compositions residing at medium to slow tempos and after working on his debut ‘Tales’ during 2015 he continues to develop new ideas. How he feels when people listen his records? A piece of music simply emerged and took shape: he solely felt that surge of emotion that brought it forth. The privilege of a musician is being in the position to inspire other people and to draw inspired from emotions, experience and the surroundings of your life. Music is a conversation, it is a narrative.


released May 13, 2016

Composition: Marco Spagnuolo
Instrumentation: Analog and digital instruments
Recording: Marco Spagnuolo, January-September 2015, London
Mastering: Lars Graugaard
Artwork: Kee Yip



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